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Cloud Solutions About Us

The Cloud Solutions Group is made up of three divisions, each with a focus on the different aspects of cloud computing, including integrating VoIP. Together we deliver a total cloud computing experience for our customers, no matter the size.

  • Cloud Solutions

    Cloud Solutions

    Cloud Solutions is Asia's first provider of Cloud based applications for business. A leading Google Apps for Work Reseller, Microsoft Office 365, Zoho Alliance Partner offering cloud application (SaaS) services for a broad range of business applications. Ranging from Email, Calendaring, CRM, Human Resources, Project Management, Database tools, Document Management, Virtual File Server, Video Conferencing and more.


    Cloud Solutions offers consultancy services for Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365and is a Zoho CRM Certified Consultant. Migration services from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, GroupWise and other POP email systems. Egnyte storage services and VoIP hosted services round out our offering.

  • Cloud Shop for Cloud Computing Hardware

    Cloud Shop

    The Cloud Shop provides cloud-enabled hardware designed for Cloud Computing. To leverage your organisation's Internet connection the Cloud Shop provides all the hardware required for Virtual Desktops,  VoIP PBX and UC (Unified Communications), Cloud Hybrid File Servers, and Security Firewalls. Our key partners for Cloud PC's are Dell-Wyse and for VoIP are Yealink and Asterisk for Cloud Hosted PBX.

  • Cloud Office for Hosted Services

    Cloud Office

    Cloud Office offers managed services for your SaaS apps. All hosted services technical support and administration. Consultants and SMB businesses can now outsource by subscribing to the services of our Cloud Office. Access your office from anywhere. Improve the overall security and disaster recovery capabilities. Email, Calendar, Storage, CRM, VoIP telephones. Everything you need to run your business.