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Upgrading your existing PBX to an IP-PBX is required to allow your company to enjoy the cost savings of VoIP including Skype Connect. Often the largest investment in the migration is replacing all of your old analog desktop phones.  While not always the best way, there is a solution, and that is to migrate in stages. The first stage requires the PBX to be replaced with an IP-PBX or our Cloud hosted IP-PBX. At the same time it is common to replace a number of existing phones with new SIP phones. This would include the receptionist phone. The below details what the first step in a migration could look like.

However there will always be a balance between investing in hardware to connect old phones to the new IP-PBX or simply buying new phones with the same money. Where the numbers are not large it is recommended to replace everything in one step thus saving money on the gateways required to provide analog phones to connect to the IP-PBX.

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