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China Cheap IDD CallsLow Cost Long Distance Calls

Our Cloud hosted PBX provides our client's access to some of the cheapest call rates anywhere on the planet!

Below is a sample of the current pricing.


Cloud Solutions provides total VoIP solutions including VoIP PBX, SIP trunks, Virtual numbers and IP phones.


If your company has an existing IP-PBX then simply add one of our SIP trunks and this will allow your company to enjoy the cheapest rates on the planet!


If you wish to enjoy VoIP and still have a traditional phone system then we will host your VoIP PBX for you and ship you your new IP phones anywhere in Asia. You will be up and running with in several days. It is that easy!



Country Code Rate  USD per minute
Australia +61 $0.019
China +86 $0.014
Hong Kong +852 $0.020
Hong Kong - Mobile +8526 $0.016
India +91 $0.014
Indonesia +62 $0.065
Italy +39 $0.014
Malaysia +60 $0.015
New Zealand +64 $0.017
Pakistan +92 $0.114
Philippines +63 $0.108
Philippines - Manila +632 $0.112
Philippines - Mobile +639 $0.158
Singapore +65 $0.014
UK +44 $0.014
Vietnam +84 $0.053
Vietnam - Mobile +849 0.045
USA +1 0.014

Small Business VOIP asiaSmall Business VoIP

Small Business VoIP defines a class of VoIP solutions that are suitable for smaller companies and where Cloud Solutions has our focus. We believe a Cloud hosted PBX is the perfect solution for small companies. We remove the capital investment requirements and provide all the IT expertise and support required for your business to fully embrace VoIP. We do this day in and day out. We can help you no matter where you live. This is the power of the Cloud.

Enjoy the same feature in a phone system that traditionally only large companies could afford. All this for as little as USD$99 per month; all hosted here in Asia.


Our small business VoIP solutions include the ability to make and receive calls over the internet, handle voicemail for all employees, and add standard features like call forwarding, auto-attendant greetings, music on hold, etc.


Beyond that, good small business VoIP solutions will handle conferencing, call recording, ACD queues, direct dialing and transfers between extensions, and all the other capabilities businesses require.


And all of these things should be possible with employees located in the office or working from a distance, so VoIP business phone system solutions should allow the use of VoIP at home or in branch offices, cell phones, and landlines.


Our Cloud-PBX for small business VoIP solutions comes with all the features and capabilities of our high end VoIP phone systems you could have only dreamed about having in the past.