Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual telephone number or "virtual number", is a telephone number without a directly-associated phone line. The provider of such numbers allows the owner to map or configure the number to forward to either a voice over IP service, or to a different phone line, fixed or mobile. Virtual numbers can be purchased from as little as US$10 per month, in almost 50 countries in the world. We also offer very LOW LOW COST long distance calling. China virtual numbers are on request. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.


Provide an International Presence for your Business with Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbersVirtual numbers are sometimes used to create a "virtual office" in an overseas location. Provide your customers with local phone numbers in cities all over the world, and achieve a truly international presence. All calls made to these numbers will ring your main telephone line as if the customer had dialed your primary number directly. For the caller, only local phone rates apply, making it very simple and inexpensive for your customers to contact you. For example purchase a virtual phone number for Singapore allowing Singapore based customers to call Hong Kong without paying long-distance phones charges.

Virtual Telephone Numbers Protect Your Privacy

An individual can also purchase a Virtual Private Number; the person can then forward all incoming calls to any of a number of pre-set telephone numbers. These are also called a "follow-me number".

A virtual telephone number can simultaneously call your mobile, home and work phone or simply the number you configure. This allows your mobile and home numbers to remain private yet your clients can still contact you no matter where you are in the world.

So if you want people to contact you but are hesitant to give out your actual telephone number, then a virtual telephone number is the answer. When someone dials your virtual number, your actual telephone or cell phone rings. Your `real` telephone number is kept private, and the caller ID displayed is that of the virtual number. Protect your Privacy with a Virtual Number.

SIP Trunking Numbers

SIP Trunking account and numbers available direct from the Cloud Shop for Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen and Shanghai ++. From as little as US$10 per month you can have a virtual number for both incoming and outgoing calls. This provides you with a local dial tone and a number. So from Hong Kong you can have a dial tone in Singapore or Shanghai and then make local calls. Shanghai can do the same and have a Hong Kong dial tone.

Virtual Numbers

Call forwarding from a virtual number to your own SIP Device or Provider

  • Geographical virtual numbers can also be used with your own SIP provider or directly with your SIP phone.
  • All incoming calls will then ring to your chosen SIP device without diversion.

  • Call forwarding from a virtual number to Google TALK

  • This enables incoming calls to be redirected to Google TALK
  • You can set up a call forwarding feature, and let all the incoming calls to your GTALK account.
  • When someone calls your Virtual number all calls be redirected to your GTALK account installed on your PC wherever you are logged on in the world.

  • The best part is – you can receive calls absolutely free via the above methods!!!